Whether you operate a convenience store, grocery store, and gift shop, if you're in the business of selling any amount of candy you also should be in the business of displaying that candy in creative, unique ways.

Candy is popular worldwide, and customers generally don't need any persuasion when it comes to purchasing it; however, visually appealing candy displays are more likely to catch your customers' attention and increase your candy sales.

Create Candy Displays with Plastic Containers or Glass Jars

Unless your sweet and sour merchandise only consists of candy bars or bags of candy, you need containers for your candy displays. Probably the two most popular kinds of candy containers are plastic containers and glass jars.

Both are available in various sizes and shapes and are reusable, and each offer their own special perks:

    Plastic containers are extremely durable and available in an assortment of colors, which makes creating a unique candy display even easier.
    Glass containers are more easily breakable, but offer an elegant "feel" to your candy display that plastic containers generally can't accomplish.

Keep in mind that if you're planning to display unwrapped candies, you should look for food grade candy containers with scoops customers can use to access the candy and lids to keep the candy clean in between customers.

Discover the Versatility of Candy Display Racks

Candy display racks fit no one mold - there are numerous kinds for you to choose from!

    Think about the amount of space your store allows you to work with, as well as the amount of candy you want to display, and then choose floor racks, countertop racks, or a mix of both styles.
    Consider your store's theme or overall look. Wire display racks, for example, are available in classic colors like white, black, and red. And, if you're using accessories like plastic containers on your display racks, clear will match every theme while colored containers will add visual appeal.
    Determine your store's environment. Fast-paced businesses like convenience stores and gas stations often choose sturdy, wire display racks for showcasing candy, while slower-paced, charming stores like specialty shops often like using wooden display racks.

Have Fun with Pre-Filled Candy Displays

If you don't think you're creative enough to arrange your own attractive candy displays, or you simply just don't have the time, maybe you should take a look at pre-filled candy displays. These kinds of displays are available in a wide variety of designs and perfect for everything from gumballs and lollipops to bags of candy and candy bars.

You can find gumball machines, lollipop trees or racks, and wire displays all pre-filled with candy and perfect for floor or countertop displays. Also available are sizable streuartikel candy displays designed to line your store's walls, act as focal points in the center of your store, or even function as aisles.

Some of these pre-filled candy displays also break away from the norm and are available in unique designs. For example, you can find gumball machines resembling rocket ships and acrylic lollipop displays in interesting shapes.

If you're not thinking of ordering bulk candies for your store, you certainly should be! Candy is a popular food item among nearly every kind of retail business - even those that don't typically sell food.

    Convenience stores and gas stations can set up countertop displays of candy, situate gumball machines near their stores' entryways, and use c-store racks to display candy throughout their stores.
    Restaurants can create candy displays on their countertops near their registers so their customers can purchase gum, breath mints, or pieces of hard candy before they leave.
    Hotels and motels can offer candy to their patrons in their deli or snack areas, as well as their more formal dining areas. Some hotels even opt to place gumball machines throughout high traffic areas of the building such as hallways and near conference rooms and lounge areas.

There are so many different kinds of candies on the market, which means you're able to easily offer your customers a wide variety of candies to choose from. Plus, when you buy bulk candy at wholesale prices, you're helping your business save money and making sure your store stays stocked with your customers' favorite kinds of candy!

Bulk Wrapped Candies Offer Many Countertop Display Options

Wrapped candies lend themselves to a great deal of flexibility when it comes to displaying them throughout your store. Wrappers protect the candies, so you don't have to worry about choosing plastic containers with lids or scoops; this usually means you have more freedom to play around with the sizes and shapes of your display containers, as well as where you situate them.

Look for popular bulk wrapped candies at wholesale prices such as:

    Jolly Ranchers
    Tootsie Roll Midgees
    Atomic Fireballs
    Smarties Rolls
    Laffy Taffy

Add Bulk Unwrapped Candies To Your List

Unwrapped candies are great for gumball machines, but you can also create countertop displays using food grade plastic containers with lids and plastic or aluminum scoops. Containers with lids help protect the candy from dust and other debris, while the scoops provide a sanitary way for your customers to access the candy.

You can find a variety of bulk unwrapped candies at wholesale prices, including:

    Good & Plenty
    Hot Tamales
    Jelly Beans
    Mike & Ike

Save Money Buying Bulk Candies at Wholesale Prices

Saving money is something everyone - including business owners - strives to do during these tough economic times, and saving money is one of the best benefits of ordering bulk candies at true wholesale prices.

Be careful not to place your bulk candy order with the first vendor you run across. Although many companies claim to offer bulk quantities of candy at wholesale prices, a little research quickly shows that the prices these compUnique Ways to Display Your Candyanies are quoting streuartikel are significantly higher than true wholesale prices. Be sure to shop around and compare the prices of several different vendors before placing your order.

Countertop displays are staples in many retail settings. For businesses like convenience stores, grocery stores, and even some restaurants, countertop displays often consist of wrapped and unwrapped candies purchased in bulk at wholesale prices.

Ideas for Countertop Displays of Bulk Unwrapped Candies

If you plan to store and display your unwrapped candies using a countertop display, there are two tools you should become familiar with: gumball machines and food grade plastic containers.

You don't have to use gumball machines strictly for gumballs; these machines can hold an assortment of small, unwrapped candies. Many gumball machines are attached to tall stands, but you can also find smaller, standless gumball machines that are perfect for sitting on convenience store countertops.

Food grade plastic containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Lids designed for the customer to screw or snap on and off, or lids designed to stay attached to the containers with hinges, help keep the candies protected from contamination, and plastic or aluminum scoops make it easy for each customer to get the exact amount of candy he wants without touching the rest of it.

Ideas for Countertop Displays of Bulk Wrapped Candies

When it comes to creating countertop displays of bulk wrapped candies, traditional acrylic and plastic containers are very durable and glass candy jars add an elegant charm to your display.

Consider the following factors as you decide how to create your countertop display of bulk candies:

    Countertop Space: The number and size of the candy containers you use depends on how much countertop space you have to work with. Regardless of the size of your countertop, you might consider using countertop racks to hold your containers. Small versions of convenience store racks, or c-store racks, help you make the most of the space you have and include even more candies in your display.
    Store Traffic: If your store is quite busy, plastic or acrylic containers will work best. They're durable and less likely to break or cause harm to anyone if a customer accidentally knocks them off the counter. If your store has a slower pace, or your displays are located in a place where they're less likely to experience passing traffic, you might want to use glass candy containers.
    Store Theme: You can find acrylic and plastic containers in a variety of shapes and colors to add pizzazz to your countertop theme! If your store has a more muted atmosphere, glass containers are a stylish solution for holding and displaying your bulk wrapped candies.

You can find containers with lids if you want to help protect the candy from theft or if you like the visual appeal some candy bins with lids provide, but because these candies are wrapped, the lids aren't necessary as far as protection from contamination is concerned.

Buying Bulk Candy Wholesale Helps You Save Money

Aside from helping you create attractive countertop displays and making sure your store is always stocked with your customers favorite items, buying candy at bulk wholesale prices helps you save money.

Wholesale prices are less expensive than retail prices, and when you buy in bulk your getting more candy than you would if you spent the same amount of money on candy set at retail prices. Plus, buying in bulk means you won't have to order as much candy as you would if you purchased smaller quantities.

Before you place an order for bulk candies, make sure you streuartikel shop around and compare prices. Some companies might claim to offer bulk wholesale prices but actually charge higher prices than what is considered "wholesale."

You can find bulk candies at true wholesale prices, as well as the containers to create your countertop displays, at Candy Concepts, Inc. Visit http://www.candyconceptsinc.com for more details.

If you haven't started selling bulk unwrapped candies yet, what are you waiting for? These kinds of candies:

    Are ideal for nearly every kind of store, restaurant, and retail business where any kind of food product is sold. You can sell these candies in convenience stores, gas stations, hotel snack bars, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and even more formal dining establishments.
    Lend themselves to an assortment of display options. You can display these candies on convenience store countertops, in gumball machines, in plastic food grade containers near your store's deli area, and even near the entries and exits of markets and major national chain stores (think of stores like Wal-Mart and Target).
    Come in a variety of types. You can find unwrapped candies like Sprees, Skittles, Mike & Ike, and gumballs to display throughout your store or restaurant. Because of the wide variety of candies available, you can make sure your store is always stocked with something to please every customer.

Find Unbeatable Bulk Wholesale Prices on Unwrapped Candies

When you buy in bulk, you're making sure your business is always stocked with the kinds of merchandise your customers prefer. Before you order bulk candies at wholesale prices, take some time to observe sales trends. What kinds of candies do you customers buy the most? What kinds of candies do they avoid? You'll want your ordering process to match your customers' buying trends.

Buying unwrapped candies in bulk not only helps make sure your business stays well stocked; it also helps you get the most bang for your buck. When you find a company that sells bulk candy at true wholesale prices, you save much more money than you would if you ordered smaller quantities of candy.

Of course, in order to make sure you get the best deal, you have to be careful of the "wholesale price" claim: Many suppliers will make this claim, but their prices might actually be higher than true wholesale. Be sure to shop around.

Display Suggestions for Bulk Unwrapped Candies

Unlike wrapped candies like Jawbreakers, Laffy Taffy, Tootsie Rolls, and Jolly Ranchers, unwrapped candies need extra protection to keep them sanitary; therefore, a little extra thought has to go into display bulk unwrapped candies.

Consider these ideas:

    Gumball Machines: Gumball machines aren't just for gumballs anymore! You can use these machines to store and display gumballs as well as other kinds of candies like Reeses Pieces, M&Ms, Jelly Beans, and BananaRama candies.
    Food Grade Plastic Containers: These containers have screw-on, snap-on, or attached hinge lids to help keep candies without wrappers protected. Using a plastic or aluminum scoop, customers can get as much candy as they want without contaminating any of the rest of it.
    Gravity Bin Dry Food Dispensers: These kinds of plastic containers often hold dry goods like cereal and coffee grinds or beans; however, they're also ideal for storing and streuartikel displaying bulk candies. These bins generally feature a handle that will start the flow of candy when a customer spins it one way, and stop the flow when the customers spins it the other way - perfect!


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